For so long, I got caught up in building a business and working to pay the bills that I was missing the point of it all… I forgot why I was here…to PLAY.

Often we leave the fun and pure joy of being and living behind in our childhood. We enter adulthood with a lazer focus of creating and building wealth, of achieving our goals and making our life look a certain way, all for what? To feel safe, accepted, recognized and approved of? So we can build up our identify of…this is me!

What if the only reason we are here is to play? To do what we love and to follow our feeling moment by moment.

Although I have had some awesome adventures in my early-mid twenties, I totally forgot that doing what I love could be a whole lot of fun and be PLAYFUL, like creating a piece of art moment by moment, life is a blank canvas inviting our soul to create our masterpiece day by day, moment by moment, breath by breath.

I totally get that the idea of PLAY may be foreign to you, perhaps you have had your head down for years now or even months, doing what you have told yourself you had to in order to get by, to be responsible or to achieve your goals. It may also be all around you, you see it with you parents, family and friends. You may also see others that are inspiring you of the possibilities in life, the way it can be.

How would you play the game of life if you were unlimited and free?

What if you are already limitless and free, but its only your mind (ego) that has convinced you otherwise( Our egos are always fighting to stay alive and exist as a limited form in our minds).

In the past few weeks, I have created a lot of space in my life of simply being. Being present and following the feeling moment by moment…enjoying the empty space of doing nothing. Yet, over the past few days, my ego and mind hijacked that beautiful space I was creating and connecting to with myself and start to plant fearful thoughts in my mind.

While observing your thoughts can be the most powerful tool in reclaiming your power back from your external world, I also reminded myself that; MY THOUGHTS ARE NOT REAL.

Your intuition is your truth, it is guiding you home to who you truly are.

So how are you choosing to play the game of life in this moment, in this day, a mere second in the movie of your life?

You might not be ready to leave your thoughts behind and take a giant leap to do what you love, but I invite you to start adding things in your life that you love, things that light you up and that you feel so free, full of joy and simply you while you are doing them. Could be, art, dancing, singing, sitting in silence, reading, travelling, taking your crush on a date, signing up to a mentor or course that you feel called to.

Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter…the point is…PLAY, NOW! Keep dreaming and imagining what your ideal life feels like,and keep taking action one step at a time. If you need an extra boost, check out the JUST DO IT blog and VLog I posted yesterday.

If you would love support on your journey to unleashing your highest potential and living your dream life, check out the ‘Work with Ellena’ page and sign up for your FREE mentoring session with me to have the support that you deserve on your journey!

I also highly recommend checking out one of my mentor’s, Amir Zoghi’s programs; the WTF Experience! This will blow your mind and help remind you of who you truly are! My life has totally changed course (aka; more playing and freedom and less ‘need to’ or ‘shoulds’) since I attended my first one last October.

Much love,

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