Hey gorgeous soul,

It’s been a while since I felt to blog or share a video blog with you all but they say there is no greater moment than NOW.

This definitely a theme for me in my life at the moment…JUST DO IT…DO WHAT I LOVE, DO WHAT I FEEL MOVED TO DO!

Ever since I have been diving deeper into the path of truth and infinite living (after I attended this event, WTF Experience, my whole life changed)…which is really about connecting to who I truly am and living in the power that is the present moment, I have observed how many games my ego has been playing out to convince me that Im not good enough, that I don’t have to do anything for what I love, etc…many stories and thoughts that are simply not true…they aren’t even real – they are only the ego attempting to keep me playing big in my life.

I was reminded today to JUST DO IT! Connect with what you love and follow the feeling through…this is true service. Service to who you truly are, serving and honouring the feeling inside of you calling to be expressed through you in your life. This feeling may move through you through art, writing, cooking, making love, mentoring, coaching, speaking, dancing, singing, teaching etc…it doesn’t matter…just do it already!

The only person that ever stops us from living a life we truly love is OURSEVLES. Yep. Not an easy one to swallow at times, but the buck sure does stop with ourselves. And hey, the point is not to beat yourself up even more, the opportunity is to accept it…accept yourself…all of yourself; both your ego that is designed to keep you small and keep you separated from who you truly are and also your truth…the feeling inside of you calling you to connect and birth it into your life.

This is where the role of reflections plays a huge part in guiding us home…they are signposts to look within and see what game of life you are playing. If you are seeing others around you playing small and believing the stories in their minds…look within yourself…where are you playing small where are you getting wrapped up in believing you are limited?

Look also at those or things that inspire you…that remind you of who you truly are…of the possibilities that available to you…they too are playing a role for you to remind you of who you truly are.

Life is a game…are you playing it or are you watching by the sidelines?

For too long, i’ve been chilling under the tree on the sideline, totally enjoying it but also knowing I wasn’t being 100% honest with myself. I was telling myself all sorts of stories to keep me from what was true from me…one of those things being mentoring. I absolutely love mentoring. I love who I am being while I am connecting with a client, I love the space I am in and the space I am holding to allow what is to emerge through that present moment.

I felt inspired to share this post with you and video log (even though my ego was like…record a new one, this is too ‘raw/exposed’) and share the lesson for me at the moment…JUST DO IT!

I would love to connect with you and hear where you are in your journey…are you playing life fully and wholeheartedly or are you sitting on the sideline?

If you are ready to JUST DO IT and take that next step on your journey head on over to the ‘Work with Ellena’ page and book in for your FREE Mentoring Session or if you know this is for you, take that leap and sign up to my 3 Month Limitless Living Mentoring Program! This path is not for everyone, nor is working with me and that’s totally cool, I wish you well on your journey. For those of you who know you are ready to dive deeper within yourself and play a bigger game of life, keeping with the theme of this moment…you know what to do 😉

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