How full is your love tank today?

How full is your love tank today?


Love tank?
Let me explain.

I came up with this notion that we all have a tank of love within us; and when you get still enough and connect with yourself, you can tune inward and feel on a scale of 1 (empty) to 10 (full) how much love you are giving to yourself at any moment. Because I use to fill my empty void with food, I would practice this ‘love tank technique’ to interrupt my old pattern of reaching for food to ‘fill me up’. When I tuned inward to see where my love was at (sometimes a 3/5/7), I would be able to become present and give myself all the love I needed to myself by simply saying ‘I love myself’, ‘I am whole and complete’ etc. Then I would actually check in and see if I was hungry for the food or just hungry for love. This worked wonders!

You can also check out a vlog I made a while back on this topic; ‘The Temple of love within’ where I talk about how to fill up your love tank. I also share other techniques that were helping me to shed some weight (which is simply energy after all).

So how full is your love tank?

Because our inner world mirrors our external world…it is vital to love yourself first and foremost. It is the cornerstone of everything!

So today, I invite you to practice radical self love with me and put yourself first. If not you, then who?

We are all the creators of our lives, of our experiences and of our opportunities.

We all teach others how to treat us by how we treat ourselves first.

True self love comes from a place of pure love for yourself, for life and for you to live a life you love.

Even if you are a yogi, green juicing and a regular visitor to the gym…if you are still hating on yourself and others; who you are being will still determine your experience of your body, your energy, your health, your wealth and your relationships.

I am loving Jessica Ainscough’s – The Wellness Warrior’s book ‪#‎makepeacewithyourplate‬ and wanted to share this with you all. It also rides of the post I wrote yesterday on the blog: ‘Riding out the wave’.

“When fear is the prime motivator, results will be shallow and fickle. Love is the only motivation that will allow you to create a truly happy and healthy life.”

To help you cultivate self love today I wanted to share with you the things I do;
– say no when I really want to
– say yes to what you love even if it scares you
– be kind to yourself
– practice gratitude
– nourish your body with loving choices
– move or rest your body with loving choices
– do what you love
– drop the judgment and practice becoming the observer of your thoughts/actions/behaviour (this alone will change your life!)
– get still and meditate to clear you mind
– remind yourself that you are ‘whole and complete’ exactly as you are in this moment
– trust your gut and follow your intuition – it never fails you!
– allow yourself to surrender and embrace your emotions. Feeling is healing!
– know that you are strong enough to get through whatever challenges you are going through at the moment and remind yourself that ‘this too shall pass’ and that ‘I am not this’
– you don’t have to do it alone, get support from a friend, coach or mentor
– invest in yourself
– forgive yourself and others; this brings you back to the present moment where you will only ever be able to experience happiness, fulfillment and the infinite potential and power within you.
-take it one day at a time (all you have to do is today!)
– be authentic: you only have to be you today!

Much love!
Ellena xx

ps. Remember you are not alone, the choice is yours! Check out the ‘Work with Ellena’ page and follow the link to book in your FREE 1 Hour Session with myself, together we can dive deep into radical self love that can transform your life!

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