This is my first post for 2014 – wow it feels beyond blissful to be back.

What a ride I have been on for the past few months. I feel like I have so much to share with you, so many lessons and so many experiences. Although I felt the calling to stop everything I was doing just before Christmas, to really step away from my blog and my biz for a while (the wave turned out to be 2 months)…it definitely feels GREAT to be back on the blog and back into coaching and creating.


This blog means so much to me.

Creating this space to let my soul pour out it’s truth, my tears, my fears and my joys onto these blank pages is a feeling that I find so hard to describe, yet one that I am truly grateful for. Being able to write out my heart’s truth and my soul’s secrets here with you, my beautiful tribe…is a true sanctuary for my heart and soul to be wild and free to be; just me!

My love for writing and coaching runs so deep…it fills me up to the brim with love! It’s as if I have a feeling brewing within me and then when it’s ready to be born onto the canvas of life (via wordpress and my website), I have an overwhelming feeling to sit down, open up a blank page and let it all flow out. No agenda,no marketing strategy, no plans, no ‘need to say this’, no ‘should say that’…simply allowing the feeling to evolve through itself and move through me.

My only intention is to be authentic and wholehearted; which are both built upon the foundation of truth and trust. At the core of which is; love.

Many spiritual teachings share that there is only ever two ways to experience life; from a place of love or from a place of fear.

There have been times when I thought; ‘I should blog more often, it will be good for business’, ‘I need to blog to keep up with other bloggers etc’, ‘this is too personal, too raw to share’, ‘what will people think of me’ etc, etc. All of these thoughts come from the opposite place of love; fear.

Fear lives out in our ego’s attempt to stay alive in our minds. Fear resides from our smaller selves; the one that is always attempting to build ourselves up or tear ourselves down. Fear is also known as False Evidence Appearing Real. Fear is the perception that we are not good enough, not skinny enough, not rich enough, not smart enough, not experienced enough etc…or as the gorgeous Melissa Ambrosini from A Path to Wellness calls it your inner mean girl (or mean boy).

Because our lives (external world) are a mirror reflection of what is going on inside ourselves (internal world)…if you are living from a place of love or fear…your life, your results and the way you feel about every single thing you do will reflect just that; loving, kind and nourishing or fearful, doubtful and empty.

And this is honestly why I have been riding out the wave that called me to stop everything. To pause. To spend as much time as I felt to, to journey deeper within myself. To let the layers of my ego that were running the show to drop the act so that space could be created for my love to be the breathe of choice. Although I did coach a tiny little bit (ie 5 hours) during this time, I truly and honestly just stopped and allowed myself to reset, recharge, ponder on everything and just simply be.

Now, this was not always easy or pleasant. This ‘space’…we avoid so much to simply ‘be’ and not ‘do’ something is not what we are taught to do. Our society is so geared up to put power into ‘what we do is who we are’.

You see when we have our power in our external world (relationships, work, money, health, our weight, our identity)…we will never be able to fill ourselves up authentically and wholeheartedly. When we rely on something outside of ourselves to make us feel happy, successful, free and fulfilled – we will never arrive.

This is because we are human ‘beings’ not human ‘doers’…it is therefore who we are being in each moment that counts. It is only from within that we can feel wholeheartedly, authentically and infinitely loved, free and fulfilled. It is an inner state of being love that is what we are all after. And it is from this space that when mirrored onto our external world (relationships, work, money, health, wellness etc) that we truly can live a life we LOVE, live out our dreams and fulfill our highest potential during our time on this magnificence earth.

And this is the wave that I have been riding out for the past two months; to drop the ‘need to’s’, the ‘should do’s’, the agenda and the strategies around all areas of my life; especially; my business, my body, and my finances. To be honest, it showed up in all areas of my life, but my biz, my body and my money is where it’s need for control and where the FEAR was all consuming.

By stopping, I was able to create space; empty space. To feel, to be…to ride out the wave, day by day, moment by moment.

It was from this empty space that I was able to allow the love to return to what I do. Honestly, the love for writing and blogging dropped back in one day and another day, my love for coaching simply came back – yep, just like that. They were both overwhelming but in a beautiful kinda way.

By riding out the wave (of the feeling I felt to stop)…I was able to allow the passion, the pure love I have for what I do to be the guiding force behind what I do. It is now from a place of absolute love that I am writing, creating Round 2 of Ignite your Life 7 Week Project (yep, stay tuned, it’s just around the corner!) and to coach once again that I am riding out the wave from.

So my dear soul…are you riding the waves of life (relationships, work, finances, health, weight, identity) from a place of love (trust) or from a place of fear (doubt/agenda driven)?

I’m not here to point fingers, this is simply to invite you to become the observer of your thoughts, of your choices and ultimately, your life. This is to invite you to become even more conscious and even more aware of who you are choosing to be in this lifetime of yours. This is also to encourage you to continue to follow the feeling…if you feel called to pause on a project or in your biz – that may be exactly what you true self is calling you to do.

Just remember…your external world will reflect your internal world…so living from a place of love will be reflected in your relationships, in your biz, in your finances and in your health. And of course, the same goes for living from a place of fear.

Feel free to share your experiences and your comments below – I would love to hear from you.

I would also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to support you through this journey as best I can, so to do just that; pop on over to the ‘Work with Ellena’ page and click on the FREE 1 Hour Discovery Session where we can explore how your inner world of love and/or fear is playing out in your relationships, in your biz and in your health. This a free gift from me to you…no obligations…simply because I love talking, speaking, coaching and mentoring about this topic and am passionate about guiding others through their own inner transformation journey back to love.

With immense light, love and gratitude,
Ellena xxx

ps. Remember you are exactly where you are meant to be!

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