Today I share 7 Steps to help guide you through the process of trusting the feeling (intuition) despite your external circumstances.


Freedom is when you trust the feeling that is within you even when your external world; aka ‘stories’ and ‘proof’ may not yet mirror what your truth is within.

For example; you may feel like you are on the verge of a new adventure; quitting your job, launching your business, or taking it to the next level.

You feel it within, you’ve taken steps (or maybe not), it may just be a feeling right now. This feeling is guiding you forth, calling you home.

Yet, you feel a little crazy. Your external world may not have matched up quite the same as the feeling yet.
For example, you have no idea ‘how’ this is going to happen or even how this is possible considering your life circumstances.

There are no clear signs or proof that this feeling will work out.

But the feeling remains strong, congruent: you feel so aligned, so whole and so connected within yourself.

If you were to share this truth with others, they may not understand it. They may question you. They may encourage you take a million action steps to make sure you know the ‘how’ this is going to happen. The agenda is hence underway, but the feeling (intuition) may be calling for no action, for pondering, for allowing perhaps of always ‘making it happen’.

This is the practice of the process; trusting the feeling, surrendering to it, allowing it to guide you along your path.

This is also about reminding yourself that who you truly are is the feeling (intuition) behind your circumstances (story), and not the circumstances themselves.

Here are 7 Steps to help guide you through the crazy times;

1. What’s the story?

This is all about identifying the external circumstances in your life.

Write down the title on a blank page; What’s the story all about? and let it all out.

All your thoughts, fears, concerns, stories…write them all down.

By identifying your story you are able to cultivate awareness and therefore become the observer of your story rather than continually being consumed by the story.

By observing your story, you create distance from and therefore remove the power it once had over you.

2. What emotions are coming up for you in the story?

As you write out your story, you start to identify what is triggering you; money, paying bills, asking for a raise, the fear of uncertainty in starting your dream job/biz, saying yes to that next date, say no to your friend that you have said yes to you entire life.

The gold lies in the emotions behind the stories.

Write out how you are feeling; scared, worried, unworthy, fearful…what charges (emotions) are coming up for you in your story?

What emotions come up for you when you think about quitting your job, launching your biz or saying no to someone or something?

Identifying your feelings allows you once again to reclaim your power back from your circumstances as you take on the role of the observer.

3. Feeling is healing: Embrace

Embrace your feelings

Embrace the feelings arising within you by allowing them to rise within you and move through you.
Allow yourself to feel whatever it is within you right now; anger, frustration, sadness, joy, excitement, fear.

This may not be easy for some, however, I encourage you to continue to practice allowing yourself to truly feel; it frees you; liberates you and drops you into a deeper connection with your truth.

4. Feeling is healing: Surrender

Let them be, without judging what is coming up for you, allow them to be what they are without the need to change them.

You may be judging yourself for judging – allow that feeling too (yep, that happens to me a lot).

It is important to fully allow the feelings and thoughts to be what they are.

Because if you resist them being anything but what they are; they will persist and continue to manifest in new stories so that you have the opportunity to release them.

Yes, what your resist; persists.

More importantly; what you feel; heals.

Once you surrender to your feelings, you accept them and therefore no longer resist them and you set yourself free from them.

Take as long as you need with this process, attempting to rush this process can be an attempt of the ego to suppress or avoid the feelings once again.

Remember, all feelings guide you home and destruction can be as transformational as inspiration (Tweet it @ellena_ashford).

So now that you now that you have become the observer of your story and the external circumstances that surround you at the moment, it is now time to go within and tune into your inner guidance; allowing your body to guide you.

5. Your inner guidance

This is about tuning into your inner guidance; your intuition and allowing it to communicate with you.

What is the feeling within you?

The one that feels whole, aligned, light, open and expansive? This is your truth.

Write at the top of a blank page and write out your truth;
My intuition is…
The feeling within me is….
It feels…

How to know what your body is communicating to you?

Get still, tune into your body and allow this feeling within you to consume you. Become one with it.

When you think about this option, this thing, this person, how do you feel in your body?
Do you feel lighter, open, expansive? (a yes for me)Or;
Do you feel heavy, contracted and closed? (a no for me)

This is about trusting your inner guidance, your gut instinct and allowing your body (energy) to communicate with you. The feeling that only you can experience.

6. Choose crazy

What do I mean by this?
Crazy is; “you must be out of your mind” in order to live from the heart (Jamie Gonzalez).

Crazy is about trusting your intuitive feeling (wholehearted living) over the stories in your mind (half-hearted living; step 1+2).

Know that there will always be stories, reasons and ‘proof’ why something won’t work out or why it is impossible (as identified in step 1+2). Allow them, embrace them; thank them for providing contrast and an opportunity to return to your truth; living intuitively.

You can do this by reminding yourself that you are not your external world, you are not your body, you are not your job, you are not this issue, you are not that bill, you are not that relationship, you are not your business.

Hence, this process requires you to continually be crazy; aka. Live from your heart and follow your feeling, moment by moment.

7. Follow the feeling

Again, by feeling I mean intuition.

Continue to honour the feeling within you.

Continue to show up and take the next step that you feel to take.

Moment by moment, tune in and check in with your intuition.

The ‘how’ will manifest into your story if you allow it to. When you say a wholehearted yes to something, it’s already been decided. So it’s about moving out of your own way and allowing it to manifest itself through your story intuitively.

Whatever you feel called to do; follow through. This is the difference between allowing and making something happen.
So what is your intuition telling you?

It may be doing nothing, calling in sick, cancelling something or someone, saying yes, saying no, resting, sleeping, making a phone call, asking for help, writing.

When you focus your attention on your intuition, you create distance and remove power from your circumstances (story). By creating the distance, you bring your power back to the present moment: to the feeling within. All you have to do is, continue to follow the feeling that is guiding you home so that you can become even more of who you really are.

And know that; “Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dared believe that something inside of them was superior to circumstances.” – Bruce Barton –

With love and light,
Ellena x

I would love to hear about your own journey and what works for in you following your intuition instead obeying your circumstances. Share your comments below x

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