Saying yes to your desires; a money story.

No one wants money, what people really want is what money gives them; choices, options; the ultimate human experience; freedom.


Rather than manifesting money and putting all your power into money and the how to make it. Focus on that which you desire; focus on the experiences you wish to manifest. Go within, feel the feeling of having that experience and claim it. Say yes to it (without even knowing the how yet). Continue to follow that feeling and trust (not needing to know when, how).

Every time I have signed up to a mentor or coach I have wanted to work with (my intuition was calling me to work with them and it has always paid off) or to the coaching course I signed up for, an for any other event, or training or the most amazing money experience of my life; when I said yes to a week long retreat with Amir Zoghi (which my partner and I will be attending in 2 weeks – so excited);

1. I have felt aligned with them, it felt true for me to work with them or go to the event.

2. I didn’t have the ‘cash’. Sometimes I had the first payment $50 or $100 deposit but I sure didn’t have the rest ($300/$400/$525 monthly payments). One time I didn’t even have the deposit, but I followed the feeling and shared this truth with the person and they gave me the first payment – true story! Another time, I kept feeling the feeling of attending Amir’s W.T.F event, I didn’t know how I would pay for it, 2 weeks later a ticket was given to me.

3. I had all the stories, reasons and proof that I couldn’t afford it. How on earth would I be able to pay my monthly payments to these things? I had no proof in my forecasted income that I could afford them.

4. I felt fear. Like ‘holy crap’ what am I about to do. Shitttttttt!

5. I checked in with my body, listened to my intuition where I felt aligned; was this experience going to open me, expand me, do I feel lighter? Or do I feel heavy and contracted?

6. I said YES when it felt whole and true for me. (I have also said no when it felt out of alignment with me).

7. Then I am sure I said FxxK!!!!!!!!

8. I felt so alive after saying yes, so invigorated, so open, expansive and light. I followed the feeling and said yes to myself. I said yes to who I really am when I align with things, experiences and people in my life that are there to guide me home to who I really am and because living my best life possible and living my highest potential in this lifetime is so important to me, I truly VALUE that which I say yes to.

9. Every single time the money has appeared. Not always the way I intended or expected, but every single time I have been ok. I lived through it. Every bill was paid. Only once I did borrow $400 from my sister to pay for one, but that was also a way of paying it – not always the ‘story’ we expect but it was still paid and I paid my sister right back. Again, it will always appear, the important thing is to be open with the ‘how’. Follow your intuition and it always guides you.

I use to focus on manifesting the money for my bills or experiences; recently I have made a huge shift even deeper with my money relationship and thank goodness – it has been so freeing!

I have let go of a lot of emotions and charges I had around money. I was giving money so much of my power. I let it run my life, my emotions and most of all my story; of lack, of limitations. The power I held over what I made money mean was limiting me to a finite experience of life; rather than the infinite beings that we truly are.

Although my journey with money has been shifting for the past year (intentional practice and shifting limiting beliefs and saying yes! etc), I felt I truly claimed back my power over money 3 weeks ago when I was attending Amir Zoghi’s W.T.F Event with my boyfriend in Sydney (This is the best course I have ever done!). I felt so aligned with his teachings, with his way of living a limitless, free and infinite life and mentoring others to do the same. I felt so called to attend Amir’s ONE Retreat at the end of November, but of course as soon as I saw the price of $7000, I laughed and looked at my partner and said ‘maybe next year’- the power I put behind money continued to determine my experience of life and the depth to which I allowed myself to receive in my life.

The turning point for me was when Amir started to teach about Manifesting and he used the retreat as an example. I saw the price for a second time; I thought if it was $700 I would have said yes straight away, but because it simply had an extra 0 on the end it was a no go zone. Beyond limits. Not for me; essentially I labeled it as impossible.

Long story short – I followed the feelings and charges I had coming up with Amir (there were lots of tears) and he chatted with me for a bit and by following the feeling (to open up and share with him in front of a whole room full of people) I had the first deposit gifted to me and within 2 weeks after the W.T.F event, I had paid my first payment of $500. Yep a whole lot of money, but the value I will be gifting to myself by attending this 6 day retreat with Amir and his team will be priceless. The journey I have already gone on since W.T.F is priceless.

I am so excited to share this journey with Ian, he is also attending the event with me which is beyond awesome (p.s. love that I manifested my best friend and lover to also share the same passions as I do).

So I continue to follow the feeling every single day, in each moment. Observing the thoughts, stories (of I can’t etc), and proof (no really, I don’t have that money in my account) and I allow them, I accept them and I release them, if any charges come up for me (and they have) I feel them fully, embrace them, and they let me go. Again; freedom is upon me.

I also follow the feeling and ask the universe to guide me to what is next; what am I meant to produce, create and how am I meant to show up in the world for others and myself. Clients have come to me, I had extra hours at Uni tutoring which was unexpected and I have also manifested since Amir; a laptop, a car (sharing with my boyfriend but hey still a car), a few weeks of rent free accommodation, my boyfriend now lives in Brisbane with me, and many generous ‘random’ donations of food etc.

This journey can be fun – if you ALLOW it to be. It is also the ‘smaller’ things like free box of veges that save you $25 which is just as fun to receive as much as a laptop is.

Remember to rejoice in the feeling of receiving these gifts also – it makes the journey even more fun.

I have now started to see a pattern in manifesting and this helps me be the creator of my life on a whole new level as I cultivate even more love, purpose and freedom in my life and business and share the tools and insights with others as their Mentor; guiding them home to their truth and holding space for them to let go of limiting beliefs and inner blocks while also allowing themselves to be free to be, do and have all that they desire and deserve.

The next level for me;

I am going even deeper within with my journey with manifesting and consciously creating my ideal lifestyle while also being able to show up to what I love; writing, blogging, speaking and coaching/mentoring; especially as I am about to take the biggest leap of my life….flying free into full time into my business.

By following the feeling, spreading my wings and leaping with a whole lot of love, trust and gratitude, my second job as a Tutor is about to finish up this week and then my dream comes true; living my ideal lifestyle while also absolutely loving what I do; coach, mentor, write and speak all things; love, purpose & freedom and cultivating a life you truly, madly love!

This is an invitation for you to SAY YES TO YOUR DESIRES. CLAIM THEM, say yes and the story of ‘how’ will catch up to you.

Why live this way?

– Because it is so freeing! Freeing yourself from the ‘lack’ or the ‘need’ for money and the feelings that come from this space; anxiety, stress, fear, sadness, disappointment, depression, frustration.

– Because creating a space to hold your desires and dreams (even if it is paying a bill in full) allows you to feel you best along the way.

-Because you have so much within you to share with the world; free yourself to share your gifts with others and in return create and live out your ideal lifestyle.

The choice is yours, but it definitely works for me. Don’t get me wrong, the stories, fears and reasons why not still come to me, but now rather than giving them the power, I become the observer of them and create space between them and I, therefore claiming back my full power within.

After all, money is not real, it is simply another ‘form’ of energy, in which we put power into. Money is therefore energy, we constantly exchange energy for services and products and experiences in the currency and story of ‘money’.

If you would like to experience a free 45 minute discovery session with me and explore your manifesting journey deeper, email me at

ps. Stay tuned, my new Be FREE 3 Month Mentoring Program will be available very soon, it begins next Monday; 25th November 2013. Email me at if you would like to experience working with me in a FREE 45 minute discovery session about how you can go deeper in your journey.

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