Embrace, release and allow yourself to feel love like never before.

Embrace, release and allow yourself to feel love like never before.

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Are you putting your power in your external world?

Is your happiness determined on your partner’s happiness? Your family’s choices? Your bank account? Your business? Your clients? Your body?

Or are you willing to be still and claim back your own power within?

My boyfriend kindly reminded me of this the other day as I got disappointed in a person close to me. Their decision to do something other than what I wished they would do led the feelings of being sad, disappointed and hurt arise within me. My boyfriend simply said; are you choosing to give your power away to this person or are you claiming your own power within and approaching the situation this way? What are you needing from him that you aren’t giving yourself right now?

(I know right, what an amazing boyfriend, I even shared a pic below)

But he was true. I was giving this person who I loved dearly, all of my power and along with that the burden of having to make me happy. Yes there was a normal ‘story’ of he should, how dare he not, reasons and ‘proof’ as he is my dad after all.

The point is; I was letting my happiness rest on a choice my Dad was making. Rather than choosing to be fulfilled by myself in that moment and give myself what I was seeking from him and what I honestly needed; love.

I was seeking fulfillment, love, acceptance and validation outside of myself and I was suffering as a result.

So I allowed myself to feel what was coming up for me, the emotional charge behind this ‘story’. I accepted it and as soon as I did it left me and I returned to my wholeness, my fullness within.

We are whole, we are fulfilled, we are love; within. This is our truth.

Yet, we go about seeking fulfillment, love and wholeness in our external worlds (We were conditioned to, it’s part of the journey; we designed it this way so that we can return to our truth).

I have been consciously living wholeheartedly and authentically over this past year more than ever before.

I have been stripping down the barriers in front of my heart and peeling away the limiting stories one at a time.

Over the past 3 months I have dropped even deeper into this journey and my external world has shifted accordingly.

I have been leaning into love, authenticity, courage, willingness, infinite living and freedom – all with an open heart. I have been reclaiming my true power and every single time I have made a wholehearted choice with my intuition; on what felt right rather than all the stories of why not in my head, I have felt so alive, so aligned and able to shine my light even brighter.

Whenever I follow the feeling within, I experience the feeling I believe we are all after; freedom.

There was one day many years ago that I surrendered to the idea that in order to feel the grandest feelings of love in my lifetime, I must also be willing to feel the grandest depths of pain.

I have now come to the space where; feeling is truly healing, whether its pleasure or pain.

Yet I have come to learn through my own journey, the greatest pain resides in resisting letting go of the thoughts and stories (fear based) we create about truly allowing ourselves to truly embrace feeling. Once I embrace the feeling, I accept them, I allow them, I no longer judge them or myself. I just am; pure feeling, story free; only feeling; only energy in motion moving through my body.

For I am neither the pain or the pleasure; I simply am.

I share this to encourage you to open your heart, truly live your life by embracing the FEELINGS that arise within you and allow them to move through you and move you into a deeper space within yourself and as a result your will experience the greatest love story of your life; the one with yourself.

As we love ourselves; every single thing shifts. We attract more loving people in our lives (reflection of us), attract more opportunities (reflection of us), attract more money by doing less ‘resistant work’ and by doing more of what we love (reflection of us) and we attract more ideas to create our ideal lifestyle (reflection of us). Our bodies align, our capacity to manifest aligns, our capacity to allow aligns…we align with our truth.

Your life is a mirror of what is going on inside of you. In fact, everything is a mirror. If something or someone is triggering your emotions to go off…you have actually manifested them or this situation in order for you to release these emotions. If you don’t release them this time, then when? 5 more bad relationships? 3 more shit jobs? 15 more years?

Embrace, release and allow yourself to feel love like never before.

Because of the journey I have taken within, I am living wholeheartedly and authentically on a deeper level than I have ever had the privilege to experience.

So I thought I would share a sneak peak in my ‘love story’. On a personal note, some of you know I have fallen in love of the past few months with a beautiful, kind, loving, fun, smart and deeply spiritual man who is also a mentor (You can check out his Facebook page here). As he lived in Sydney we were going long distance, unattached to needing to know ‘when’ we would live together. Once we surrendered, it all happened in a few days and with one phone call he was moving up to live with me in Brisbane. I believe one of the greatest reflections of the inner work is the relationship I enjoy with Ian. It is who I am being with Ian that truly shows the depth of love that I am at within myself and the love I receive from him is also a mirror image of what I feel I deserve. I wanted to share a photo of us from Friday night, it was our 3 month anniversary and he spoilt me and I loved every single minute of it. I dreamed of my ideal relationship for years, yet as with all of my dreams; it is beyond anything my mind was able to conceive of as ‘possible’. Thank God I followed my heart and felt my truth rather than continued to limit my potential for love from my mind’s finite possibilities.

I am also excited to release this week a new mentoring program; “BE FREE 3 Month Mentoring Program”. Stay tuned for more details or if you feel called to contact me now, you can email me at ellenaashford@gmail.com

If you would like to know more and experience a complimentary 45minute Discovery session, feel free to email me also.

With love and light, Ellena xxx

ps. here is the pic I promised you of my love (Ian) and I xx


Want to know more about how to work with me to cultivate a life of love, purpose and freedom?

Email me at ellenaashford@gmail.com for a free 45 minute discovery session.

4 thoughts on “Embrace, release and allow yourself to feel love like never before.

  1. No ones left a comment? What the?!?! (come on world hehe) This is awesome!!! I have been living this truth to the best of my abilities for quite sometime. With each little bit more of self acceptance, courage, love that you choose to allow your self in life it really does change the quality of the situations you encounter with both yourself and the people around you. Then you’ll come to realise that you really were only a shift in mind away from the ‘goodlife’ – your life will only reflect where you’re truly at in yourself. Give it a good go, you can’t fail, enjoy the journey, everythings as its meant to be as you continue to learn and enjoy. Thankyou Ellena for this post and your fantastic site. You and Ian are doing wonders.

    1. Thanks for your comment and sharing bman!

      Awesome to hear how deep you have gone in your journey thus far. Love the way you say “we’re only ever a shift in mind away from the goodlife” – brilliant.

      I also believe we never failure, always a reminded and opportunity to choose our truth. I believe we created resistance on the journey to show us contrast and make it worth while. Sometimes if I am deep in resistance, I laugh at myself and tell myself that I created it this way so I can create my way out of it 🙂

      Thanks for the feedback, great to hear you enjoy the site. Keep rocking those drums bman and let the energy force of love, light and oneness flow through you.

      Ellena 🙂

  2. Lovely post Ellena, I enjoyed this one! Totally agree that we put our happiness in other peoples hands sometimes and it’s something I struggle with too!

    1. Thank you Diana. Great to hear you enjoyed it.

      Yes, it continues to be a practice for me – just like everything else, I take it one day at a time, one moment at a time.

      If you find yourself struggling with it, start to become aware of it, and allow yourself to feel it and let it move through you. Then ask yourself, what do I need now? I find this helps my practice.

      Much love, Ellena x

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