I am it.

An ‘aha’ moment that tore me open to experience a higher, stronger and more empowering version of myself.


This journey in life is my responsibility. Hence, its all up to me.

Yes others can join me, show up to support me, yes of course – love me dearly…however, I am still it. No one can give me anything, unless I am that for myself to begin with.

The setting; a windy Sunday afternoon on a colourful Masai blanket (from my trip to Tanzania in 2012) underneath the shade of the tree in my backyard. There I was laying down in shavasana position, surrendering to the moment, being present to the feeling within me. No judgements, rather; pure observations of the feelings that were arising within me and complete presence to them. Giving myself permission to feel and ride out the waves of emotions within me (after all, emotions are simply energy in motion).

This is when it came to me…I am it. We are it for ourselves. Full stop.

The background;

Today amiss the emotions of the opening of my heart up even more to intimacy and truth my with dear partner, I had a realisation, or an ‘aha’ moment as Oprah infamously refers to. I am it. Yes my partner, my parents and my friends can love me, support me, cheer me on, hold me, nurture me and be honest with me; yet it is still only ever going to be me who can ever fully take care of myself, fill myself up, nurture me and endure the pains of growth, personal development, getting outside of my comfort zone and honesty it takes to break through the barriers in the way of the purest forms of love that which I am, you are, we are.

Our loved ones are here to compliment us, never to complete us. For that is our journey to love; to know and remind (yep over and over again) ourselves that we are already it – the ones we have been looking for, searching for and most of all yearning for.

I am it. We are it for ourselves. Life goes on, as this moment is only ever temporary.

Relationships, like work and health are opportunities to show up as who we are choosing to be in this very moment. They are the playgroud of the soul; in which the emotions, thoughts and actions are conveived and birthed from.

I can know myself as open to love, supportive, patient, kind, nurturing and forgiving, yet it isn’t until I practice my inner preach that I can know myself to ‘be’ that.

So I invite you to take a glimpse within; where are you showing up and ‘being’ your truth in your relationships, work, creativity and health at the moment?

After all, the buck will always lie with us. You and me baby, that’s it. full stop.

The playground of our souls beckons us forth…hear your calling and know that you are already the love, courage and hero that you have been searching for and perhaps yearning for. Our true journey; is showing up and allowing ourselves to be complimented by others, money and vitality while also showing up to our partners, our calling and our yoga mats.

With love, light and a whole lot of ‘ive got this’,

Ellena xx

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