How to stop your suffering


Suffering is the constant reminder (re-minder, literally you think of it over and over again) of a perception of your past or potential future.

The only reason we suffer is if we are living in this moment based on past hurts or future fears.

To bring your mind to this very moment, to the sensation of your body, to the coolness or warmth of the air, to the sound of the birds (or traffic), the feeling of getting still is where peace awaits you.

When you use your mind rather than allow it to use you, you become the conscious creator of your destiny.

When you are present to this moment, you create space for your intuition to come through and guide you as it was sacredly designed to do. By creating space, you clear out the ‘junk’ that you have been carrying around for so long.

I thought I was living in the moment(I dabbled in it here and there over the years), however I have been intentionally practicing being present for the past month and I have never felt better. I feel like I am home within myself more than ever. Its the feeling I was looking for in all my external actions and goals. All along, it was within me.

I have experienced a ‘whole’ new me so to say. I have been so peaceful and calm and my life is starting to shift along with it. My skin is so clear and less inflamed, my body is light and I naturally feel in tuned with my body. Because I am being present to the moment, I have been less inclined to reach for food to ‘fill up the moment’ (inner void) just because it was ‘lunch time’. Now that I am present to the moment, I am fulfilled by being truly present in this moment. Then when my body is naturally hungry, I am able to be present to that. My environment has also started to shift; I have felt compelled to clean up and clear out some of my ‘old stuff’ in my room. Its no coincidence, that the new desk sitting in a box for the last month finally came together and took its place in my room last week.

When we clear out the old stuff within ourselves, we feel called to and compelled to make different decisions naturally in our external world. Our bodies, relationships, homes, careers and dreams all align accordingly.

The path to all that you desire and dream of is within you; it has always been there and always will be!

To your love, purpose and freedoom,
Ellena x

ps. if you are called to take your journey within deeper and align with your ideal life email me at to book in for you FREE 30 minute Coaching Consultation with myself.

pps. you are love.

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