Your soul desires that which you resist the most.

Courage requires the risk to be seen, the risk to fully show up to yourself.

Steven Pressfield says that “whenever we have a dream, resistance is automatically there”.

So how do we go about moving through resistance?

1. Just do it. Put yourself in front of the phone, the computer, get in front of the people you need to talk to.

2. Be present with the feeling of resistance within and sit with it, invite it to the table, ask it what it is here to teach you, to remind you of?

3. Utilise it. Work with it, incorporate it in your work, in your art, in your dreams. Show up vulnerable, that is; not perfect, rather in the perfect state that exists; progress. Invite all of yourself to the gym, to the dinner table, to the date, to the conversation, to the interview, to the project, to YOU.

A few years ago I was studying Law and Psychology at University and I had big dreams of changing the world, I wanted so much to make a positive impact on others, the world, humanity. I followed my heart (thank god) and went travelling for two years after graduating, 16 months of which I lived out a lifelong dream of mine; living and volunteering in Tanzania, East Africa.

Although I was grateful and happy with what I was doing for others, there was a nagging feeling inside, I wasn’t giving myself nearly as much attention, kindness, empathy, love, forgiveness and generosity.

It wasn’t until I started looking within, to the resistance of making a change within myself, to a more open, loving, softer and kinder relationship with myself, then I started to get it. It was only once I dared to go within, to identify, acknowledge and truly let out the feelings of pain and the beliefs of ‘who do I think I am’, ‘im not worthy of being skinny or wealthy’, ‘im not good enough to be a life coach etc’, the things really started to changed, I started to have more good days than bad, and making myself feel bad no longer felt good. The bonus is that I also started to see shifts in my external world too; better work opportunities, authentic relationships, closer relationships with my loved ones and a deeper sense of who I really am. This also showed up in my coaching business, people approached me and wanted to work with me.

You see, I believe being who we really are is effortless. The effort that keeps us small and stuck is us trying to be someone we think we ‘should’ be ‘need’ to be, or what ‘others’ think we need to be. However, it is all our own perception, so it really is about removing the barriers that we have put up at some stage in our life by modelling others or from protecting yourself.

Taking the journey one day at a time and holding a vision for your life as an expression of the highest version of your authentic self.

Our dreams require depth, courage and conviction, hence, they require us to be vulnerable and most of all; to be willing. Willing to see all of ourselves; the dark and the light, the pretty and the ugly; the pain and the love; the shame and the pride; the fear and most of the immense love within ourselves.

Often it is our potential, our greatest capacity to love that scares us the most, because that entails us to be at our highest point of vulnerability; of the unknown.

What if its not so bad on the other side? That it’s only the story of our ego that keeps us running around in circles down here.

What if you could create a compelling vision of your ideal life to help guide you forth, to call you forth when you lose your way, to remind you of who you really are.

What would happen if you chose love over fear more times than you have thus far…that is where the miracles are awaiting you.

Be willing and love will always guide you.

With love and light, always,
Ellena xx

ps. Are you feeling called to go within and unleash your authentic self, so that you can continue to make a positive difference in the world while also feeling your absolute best? Email Ellena at ellenaashford@gmail.com to find out more about mentoring and coaching with Ellena to guide you through to 2014!

It is our divine duty to show up to what ingites our Soul, the world requires your love, purpose and freedom.

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