Being Authentic

How authentic are you being?

I was reminded today of the importance of our ‘beingness’.

That the most important thing is who we are being in any given moment.


Yes there are things going on externally, there will always be! The common thread is who we are being in those moments, in our conversations, in our interactions, in our movements, in our language.

So I dare ask, who are you being in this very moment?

Rather, who are you showing up as and how aligned do you feel with your higher self, the authentic version of who you really are.

For who you really are is your beingness.

It requires no explanation, no excuses, no justifications; simply an invitation.

So I hereby invite you to ‘be’ your authentic self as of this moment; be who you really are in your relationships, in your soul’s expression of work, in each mouthful you take…be you rather than someone you have convinced yourself you need to be.

Coming from a past few months of deep releasing and letting go of ‘old’ stuff, I am now entering a deeper stage of my journey within, knowing who I really am in this moment is the greatest gift of all.

Forgiveness is a daily practice for me as of late.

Forgiveness is a simple exercise to release energy and make room, clean white space for you to receive new energy (Thoughts, ideas, money, energy, love).

“I forgive myself for not being who I needed myself to be, I forgive myself for not being who I wanted myself to be, I forgive myself and set myself free”.

I feel so present in this moment as I write these words, I am truly ‘being’ in this moment. It is as if my entire body has become still and I have returned to my inner truth; the loving being that I truly am. I have been ‘doing’ a whole lot in the past two months and I feel fortunate to say I am enjoying this ‘beingness’ more than ever.

So I invite you to take a look around, a peak under the covers of your heart, of your soul, of your relationships, of your work, of your life…are you showing up as your true authentic being?

How can you drop into an even deeper relationship with your authentic self?
1. Be willing & present in this moment
2. Get still & ask for guidance
3. Practice conscious awareness of who you are being in every moment.

I look forward to feeling my way through this next week in my business, life, health, relationships and adventure to the blissful beaches of Byron Bay, time to restore my energy and natural vitality with some gorgeous nature and friendships.

Be yourself, you’re the best version there is!

With love, light and gratitude,
Ellena x

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