Day 8 Leaning into your Value

Day 8 of Leaning into your Value.

Being grateful for all that you have now will leverage your happiness and abundance in ALL areas of your life.

Practice conscious gratitude and it will transform your life.


The quickest way to shift fear is to be grateful for the opportunity to…

Being grateful for all of your money, no matter if it is $4 or $5000 or -$30000, be grateful for all you have in the moment and for the opportunity to learn from where you are now and get curious how you can learn to grow your wealth and abundance.

Accepting the truth of exactly where your at will create space to move forward.

If you want to create more abundance in your life…take the time to look at your bank balance with immense gratitude. Take the time to look around you and see all of the abundance you have in you life; people, love, health, community, friends, possessions, opportunities, clean air, safe environment.

Abundance is conscious living of all that is right now, trusting what will be and taking aligned and inspired action along the way.

Gratitude for your health and body as it is in this moment is the only thing that will take it to the next level of health & vitality.

As we tap into our abundance, we then create room to receive even more. Because what you focus on grows…when you focus on the abundance that already exists in your life…that will amplify and grow and you will have even more to be grateful for.

The extent to which you are grateful for EVERYTHING is the extent to which you value ALL of your self.

Lean into your value today by practicing conscious gratitude with that gorgeous abundance mindset of yours.

With love and gratitude,
Ellena x

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