Day 7 Leaning into your Value

Day 7 of Leaning into your Value

Simply smile and you are making this world a better place. Be the reason someone smiles today.


A wise man once told me “There is no greater purpose than service”.

When we are coming from a place of service, we are dwelling in our own heart space and being used for a purpose much greater than ourselves.

When I was a teenager I heard Oprah share her prayer which was “To be used for a purpose greater than herself”. I have been modelling her and that prayer ever since.

The belief that I am here for a purpose greater than myself and that I am here to make a difference has gotten me through my darkest days and loneliest moments. It has also celebrated with me and called me to be of higher service to the world.

Once we value ourselves, we move out of our own way and therefore can be used even more for the greater good of others, this planet and humanity. We each have gifts, talents, passions and interests for a reason…to be used for the greater good.

When we start to value what we have to offer the world with and give it away, whether its your art, your jokes, your hugs, your love, your support, your listening ear, your ideas, your coaching abilities, your teaching abilities, your sailing abilities or your baking abilities…it has been given to you for a reason. It is your job to fulfil it in this life of yours.

Be of service and be the reason another human being smiles today…the ripple effect is limitless.

We can only know ourselves to be kind once we do an act of kindness.

With love, light and gratitude,
Ellena x

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