Day 4 Leaning into your Value

Day 4 of Leaning into your value.

Gift yourself with the company you keep. Surround yourself with people who see your brilliance, call you to be even higher within yourself and who hold space for you to be all of you.

Like eating healthy, drinking plenty of water, and excising that sexy body of yours; the people you CHOOSE to spend time and energy and breathe and ideas with is a direct reflection of the value you have of yourself.


Value yourself even more, raise your standards and seek out time to be with those whom infuse grace, beauty, playfulness, creativity, love, adventure, delight and laughter in your days.

Everything is a choice, choose your standards, raise them and value yourself enough to be with people who ignite our soul to sing your true words of love and light….also see the value you have to contribute to their lives.

With love,
Ellena x

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