Day 3 Leaning into your Value

Day 3 Leaning into your Value

Fear is one of our greatest teaches and can often be one of our greatest gifts.

Today is all about feeling those butterflies and taking massive inspired action towards your dreams.

“The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.” -Joseph Campbell

Today is all about leaning into the value you have to offer the world.


What are you dreams? Your passions? Your sense of purpose in the world?

What is the very first step you can take today?
What’s the easiest thing you could do to creating your dreams into reality?

To get from where we are now (in any area of our life) to where we want to be (our vision/reason why we do what we do), it requires us to take a leap of faith and start to step into the unfamiliar.

The unfamiliar is exactly that, not within our current comfort/safety/certainty zone of thoughts, actions, feelings, results.

Therefore, you must walk through the fire of your fears to feel the rush of pride, achievement once you get to the other side where your gift is waiting for you.

So how to get there?
1. Value yourself. Fill up that love tank and let it overflow, back yourself 100%. Know that you will be ok, because you’re in the drivers seat of your life and you will always be ok.

2. Have a big enough why/vision/mission/quest for your life or purpose for the activity in front of you. This sense of purpose will pull you through and guide you in the dark to find the light within.

3. Come from a place of a servants heart. Be of service to the world, to your clients, to your family, community, global community. This shifts the focus from you to the people who are waiting/needing/searching/wanting what you have to give them. Be of service and the universe will respond and rise up to give you the opportunities and people to serve.

4. Still feeling the fear? Get curious…write out exactly what you are scared of, once I do this, I realise that it was a much bigger monster in my head and I can now see, well even if this or that were to happen I know that I’ve got this, because the certainty I have for myself will always outweigh the doubt my monkey mind will attempt me to believe.

5. Take action. say yes and work out how, book it in, make that phone call, that appointment. Leap and dance with your faith. Confidence, self worth and esteem will all come once you have taken action.

6. Get grateful. Be grateful for the opportunity, for the moment of growth in yourself and in your life. You were built and born to fulfil your dreams and your purpose, it’s your job to be the vehicle in which it is all birthed through.

7. Connect with your tribe. Build your support team around you. Get amongst people who are going to support you, nurture you or give you a good kick up the***.

Lean in, leverage your ability to serve with your gifts, passions, talents and purpose. Whatever your dream it is yours for a reason – to fulfil it!

With love, Ellena xx

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