Day 2 Leaning into your Value

Day 2 of Leaning into your Value.

Start to live your life and carry your body with ease and grace.


If we were used to being punished when we were young/criticised or heard ‘no’ a lot…as we grow into adults and leave the ‘nest’ so to speak, we often continue to punish ourselves unconsciously. We will continue to self sabotage our successes in love, health, business, finances, wellbeing etc.

Are you valuing your body and your health today? or are you still running on that old disk that is ‘im not good enough’, ‘im not worthy’, ‘who am I do deserve a fabulous fit sexy body, or the love of my life, or my ideal job’?

Your body will heal as soon as you make ease with it.
1. accept where you are right now and be honest with your self.
2. forgive yourself for not treating yourself any different
3. praise yourself to being willing to show up to your higher self in this moment
4. Claim what you want ‘I am rich’, ‘I am in a loving relationship’, ‘I am slim, healthy and vibrant’….
5. Enjoy the ride. Have some fun with your life, it can be as simple or complicated as you choose to do it.
6. Follow through with your promises. Trust yourself and take responsibility for EVERY single element of your life.

You chose your body. Honour it and yourself. Nurture it, tell yourself ‘I love you’.

When you feel better and your energy is in alignment to your dreams, that’s when the magic starts to show up right in front of you.

If you are not at ease you will be is a state of dis-ease and this can cause many harmful things in our bodies, trust me, I was at dis-ease with a lot of things about myself and I grew a large lump that I lived with for 6 years. I wrote about it on my previous blog post: My wake up call to love and acceptance’.

Choose ease and grace today and be that god or goddess that is within you.

Lean into your true value with love, acceptance, ease and grace.

With love,
Ellena xx

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