Day 1 Lean into your Value


Today, I invite you, yes you gorgeous soul to embark on a journey. This journey is all about leaning into your life and leveraging your value. What I mean by value is;
1. The value you have for yourself
2. The value you have/put on what you have to serve the world with.

Leaning into our own value is so important because the degree to which you value yourself is the degree to which you experience outstanding relationships, fulfilling work, health and vitality, unlimited abundance and your ability to receive, earn and give back to others.

So today gorgeous, it’s all a choice…how you spend your time and money are in direct proportion to how much you value yourself. This includes the company you keep, your self-talk, your willingness to follow through, to step outside your comfort zone, to exercise, to eat healthy, to get sleep, to make that important phone call, to forgive, to give thanks.

This is really important because the degree to which you value yourself, is the degree to which the world will reflect that back to you; how people treat you, who you spend time with, your work opportunities, your bank account, your relationships, your health and vitality.

As you show up for yourself and put yourself first, it is then that others will see the value in you, because they are all a mirror image of what is going on for you inside (Self talk, beliefs, choices).

This means, that as you value yourself, you will choose to invest your time, energy and money into: nurturing your body, fuelling your body with healthy, nourishing and wholesome food, following through with your dreams and desires, keep the company of people who only lift you higher… then you will begin to experience a part of yourself that is full of so much joy, happiness, gratitude and positive. Why? BECAUSE YOU NOW KNOW AND CHOOSE TO BE WORTH IT.

Lean in, that’s it, lean into your value today my dear; your health, wellbeing, joy, your gifts and talents that were given to you to serve the world with.

Lean in DAY 1 Call to action.
Prioritise self care and identify as many things as possible that you have to give to others and share with the world.


Would love for you to share your comments and experience as we go along and for you to share the love with your friends, it may be just what they need!

With love, light and gratitude,
Ellena xx

ps. If you would like a complimentary coaching session to tap into your value and self-worth and re-connect to your sense of purpose for your life email me at ‘complimentary coaching session’, and I would be honoured to serve you and give you all the value I have to give you, I believe in you and that you have your special something to share with this world and I also know that you are worth it – it’s time to believe in yourself gorgeous soul! xx

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