Heart-Centred service

When was the last time you truly gave from the heart without an attachment of something in return?


I truly believe we are human beings for the purpose of returning to the love within ourselves, to experience joy and connect with people & nature. I also believe beyond anything else…that at the cornerstone of this is SERVICE.

When we give from the heart to others, we are lifted beyond our own net and focused on helping another person, animal or plant grow and feel like they belong; that they have been seen.

Can you recall the feeling that flooded your heart when someone helped you out? It’s like nothing else.

If you are feeling down, the quickest way to change your state is to go do something for someone else, right now! Even if is washing the dishes, or giving up your seat on the bus, or giving just $5 of your pay check to a cause you BELIEVE in.

I believed in the power of service so much, that I volunteered for 16 months at The School of St Jude in Tanzania, East Africa. My heart yearned to be of service and to give all I’ve got (Time, money, energy, skills, love and passion) to a cause greater than myself. Although we received a small stipend every month (Enough to by food and catch the bus into town etc) it was the intention of service and the commitment to being a part of something greater than yourself that fulfils you and also makes a massive difference in other peoples lives.

“The law of giving states that the more you give, the more you will receive, because you will keep the abundance of the universe circulating in your life” ~ Deepak Chopra

However, abundance is not limited to money. If you give your time to someone or something else, you’ll be amazed of the gratitude your receive and the connections you make. If your give your skills to another, you’ll be amazed of who shows up to be of service for you. The law of giving is an energy exchange.

The heart is full when it is in a state of giving. I would go so far as to say self care is included in this exchange. The more love, attention and kindness you show to yourself, the more your receive, as do others around you.

Your intention to be of service can be applied to every element of your life exactly as is it. Look at your job, you are being of service there. Your relationships, when you give all of yourself you will feel so aligned with your heart? When you give $5 to the homeless person, you are giving without judgment or without attachment to the outcome? Perhaps the greatest gift is to forgive. Forgive yourself, set yourself free from what was and most importantly forgive others. Set yourself free from needing or wanting them to have been any different. Forgiveness is service to the soul.

When we are in a state of service, our fear moves out of the way and our heart is expanded like never before.

Take a look at your life; how can you be of more service to yourself, to your loved ones, to your work, to the global community?

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