Got Purpose?

Have you ever set a goal and three minutes/three days/three weeks later it’s all over red over?

got purpose

Let me explain how this purpose business got me from sad to fab in an instant and why I have to admit…traditional SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic & Timed) goals don’t always do it for me.

Check this out:

Goal = lose 10kgs in 18 weeks. (SMART)

Sure, fair enough.

I’ll go for that run, I’ll eat that salad, I’ll stop eating chocolate, I’ll give up coffee…tomorrow. Then tomorrow turns into the next tomorrow and the next and before I know it, it is Christmas three years later.

Failed already, no fun, back to sad.

The GREAT NEWS…the fabulousness of life centres on these two questions: For what purpose am I doing this? For what purpose am I wanting this?

Once I got this, it saved me heartache, low self esteem mindless chatter and what it gifted me was three things I am very passionate about…


Purpose +


When you have a big enough WHY, you & the universe co-figure it out one step at a time! (That’s a tweetable @ellena_ashford)

Have you ever asked yourself why you really want something?

As the divine Danielle LaPorte says: “Knowing how you actually want to feel is the most potent form of clarity that you can have.” ~ love it and her!

For what purpose are you wanting what you want? No, really. Why do you really, really, deep down want what you want?

Knowing your WHY, your HIGHEST INTENTION and YOUR GRANDEST VISION is the only thing that will ignite your inner flame into daily action or help guide you elsewhere to where your heart is truly calling you.


Check this out – take 2: how I went from sad to fab…

Goal: I wanted to lose weight.

Why? For what purpose do you want to lose weight?

To feel good in my own skin.

Why? For what purpose do you want to feel good in yourself?

So I can go to my wardrobe and wear anything I want and feel great in it.

Why? For what purpose do you want to feel great?

So that I can be an example to other women of self love & respect.

Why? For what purpose do you want to be an example to other women?

I continued to answer this question until I got to it…the aha moment.

My highest intention is that I am a vehicle of love.

It went from…I wanted to feel great in my own skin, to: my body being a vehicle of love. BINGO.

I understood my grander vision for taking care of my body…to carry out the work I love and believe in so much, to make love, to be an example of love and beauty, to see this wonderful world in which we live, to free myself from the endless cycle of weight loss & weight gain, to be free to devote and focus my energy on so many bigger and better things like creating awesome programs and products to help people live a life they love.

The healthier and HAPPIER I am…the more I FEEL GOOD, and the more I feel freaking FABULOUS; the more I am able to be of service to this world.

My goal of losing weight went from a boring chore to an INSPIRED LIFESTYLE. (HEART)

I now exercise because it makes me feel so good! I eat healthy, wholesome food because it is an act of self-love and my body is a vehicle of love – the two go hand in hand. I don’t think about it anymore, I don’t use tomorrow as an excuse anymore. I simply remind myself of my why. My purpose. My highest intention for my life: to be a messenger, a woman, someone’s future wife, someone’s future mother, a friend, a coach; a being of LOVE.

health love

My why is big enough now. I understand my grander purpose. Loving my body by moving it and feeding it with nourishing and healthy food and beverages is just who I am now.

No specific details, measures or time restraints…just a whole lot of love & purpose & freedom to be, do and have what I truly desire in this life of mine IN THIS VERY MOMENT!

I’m curious, for what purpose are you doing what you are doing and/or wanting what you want right now?

Get to know your Why. It will re-ignite your passion for your body & life IN THIS VERY MOMENT…

Why? Like attracts like. We are all energy. We don’t get what we want; we get what we are and that is what we all are – energy.

So go ahead and feel great! You’ll manifest even more fabulousness into your life!

With love,

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Blaze your bliss and live a life of LOVE, PURPOSE & FREEDOM X

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