Feel the fear and dance anyway!

Learning to dance with my fear… life begins

Hello gorgeous soul,

Welcome to my first blog post!

I am so excited to begin this new journey with you and sharing the love more than ever before.

I believe there is no better topic to write about in this first love note than the one in which every single human being on this planet has in common:


Oh have I been feeling the fear in the past six weeks. I set the intention six weeks ago to create this newsletter and to step up to the next level in my life, my business and in my heart and soul’s work.

Yes, I really wanted to begin this new journey.
Yes, I really wanted to start sharing more awesome tips and tools with a wider community.
Yes, I wanted to get over myself and just write the first newsletter.

All well intended, it is six weeks later and I am now feeling the fear and doing this anyway!

You see, fear can stop us from living out our dream life. It can stop us from entering a new relationship, going to the gym, asking for that raise, quitting our day jobs and starting our own business in our passion.

Here is the kicker – it only has the power to limit us because WE ALLOW IT TO.

I have been allowing the fear to rule my life by staying in my current comfort zone.

I am definitely writing from experience here: when we are not growing, we are dying on the inside. Growth is the lifeblood of humanity. Without it, we will only ever go backwards. With it, our world can prosper ~ this includes the inner worlds within each of us.

To grow, requires that we do things we have never done before and to be a version of ourselves we may have never known before. So it is natural and normal that fear will show up. Why?

Fear is designed by the ego to keep us small, safe and in the illusion of certainty in our current comfort zones. So to be who we want to be in our lives and for the greater good of this planet, we will need to do things differently.
Hence, everything in our lives in this very moment is in our current comfort zone. To have things we want ( a new career, a loving relationship, improved health, to book that trip), we will have to leap from this point and expand our current comfort zone.


After all; “the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result” ~ Albert Einstein

I have been allowing the fear of; not knowing how, worrying what others would think, and the uncertainty of a new beginning I haven’t yet experienced yet get the better of me. Why? Because it all served me.

Having the ‘fear’ allowed me to hold back, not let my light shine and allow me to dwell in my fear instead of embracing the love of life, the gifts I have to share with the world and the possibility of achieving something I truly desire: to live my full potential and to empower others to create lives the love.

Fear takes many forms;
-not being good enough
-not belonging
-not being loved
-of success
-of failure
-of disappointment
-of rejection.

Fear = resistance.

We resist our own success.
We resist our own love.
We resist our own brilliance.
We resist taking a leap of faith into the unknown as it seems safer to stay exactly where we are.

This is why I dare say that fear is the best thing that could ever happen to us! It is our greatest teacher and our grandest lesson…it directs us to return to the love within us.

Fear is the only thing that blocks our love from flying free.

Because, once you walk with it, you start to pick up the pace a little, you start to dance with it and it disappears as you surrender to the music of what your soul is calling you to do.

Fear is 100% head.
Love (and all that you desire) is 100% heart space.

I dare say we need fear…it is THE SIGN that signals to your deepest truth that you are ready to ALLOW love back into your life.

So take a look at what is coming up for you at the moment?

What are you resisting and blocking in your life; health, finances, relationships, business and career?

All that you desire, desires you too! It is waiting for you on the other side of the dance floor. When we learn to meet our dreams half way by showing up and taking that very first step…magic happens!


Create enough pain around not growing and you will start to embrace your fears and learn to enjoy the surprising pleasure that awaits you on the other side of ‘feeling the fear and doing it anyway.

You can get there by starting to back yourself 100%. Love yourself enough and know that you’ve got this. The magic is waiting for you, one step out of your current comfort zone.

Dance with your fear and your heart will lead the way!

This world needs what you have to offer.

With love,
Ellena x

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